The Pittini Group launches “Steel Training” to train the technicians of the future

Steel Training has been launched within the framework of the training activities offered by the Pittini Group through its own Corporate School, “Officina Pittini per la Formazione” (Pittini Workshop for Training). This is an important project which has been developed in collaboration with Istituto Salesiano Bearzi in Udine.

It is a qualification pathway involving the growth of professional expertise, and is aimed at new graduates from the 2018/2019 academic year. The aim is to supply the knowledge necessary to become a technician specialised in the running and maintenance of automated systems. This is done through 12 months of activity alternating between the classroom and work within the company.

The steel production process is characterised by a high level of technology and automation. In the Pittini Group, in particular, the production plants are true and proper examples of Industry 4.0. The aim of Steel Training is, in fact, to allow young students to acquire the knowledge base needed to tackle, manage and govern the technological innovation that industrial processes have been experiencing over the past few years.

The young people selected for Steel Training will have the opportunity to join the Pittini Group with a permanent employment contract.