JUMBO 5.0, presenting the new bar mill of Ferriere Nord Spa based in Osoppo (Udine), was held at the PITTINI Group’s premises on 18 and 25 September.
The event saw the participation of over 70 companies from 15 countries and included the leading Italian and foreign groups and companies involved in manufacturing and shaping steel wire for reinforced concrete.


Over the course of the two days Ferriere Nord outlined to its clients the steps leading to the installation of the new bar mill in Osoppo. This project took the form of a complex series of operations involving the total replacement of all the plant’s units, eventually creating the totally new rolling mill now on-stream.


The new Ferriere Nord plant is today the first bar mill in the world able to manufacture hot-rolled wire for reinforced concrete in 5-tonne coils. The mill can produce 10mm Ø to 32mm Ø coils weighing 2.5 and 5 tonnes in B450, B500, B550 and S400 steel.

Hot-rolled steel wire for reinforced concrete has a number of advantages over traditional materials on the market:

  • High ductility
  • No wire twisting
  • No butt-welding within the coil

During the event Ferriere Nord highlighted to its guests the technical features of the new plant and the new strategy the company has put in place to ensure an optimum impact on the market.


Thanks to its well-established manufacturing expertise, integrated logistical apparatus, ideal location for its natural markets, with multiple transport possibilities (rail, sea, road), and newly-introduced cutting-edge technology, Ferriere Nord can confidently take its place as the leading manufacturer of steel wire for reinforced concrete.