Values detected by ARPAB at Ferriere Nord’s plants in Potenza are below the threshold values established by regulations

ARPAB (Basilicata’s Regional Environmental Protection Agency)  published the annual report about the monitoring campaigns of organic micro-pollutants performed from the 25th of February 2016 to the 3rd of February 2017 to detect the emissions of the Ferriere Nord’s plant in Potenza, according to A.I.A. prescription n.113 of February 17, 2017.
These values were detected in three different positions:

  • Private residence garden c/o Contrada Bucaletto
  • Provincial Fire Department’s Terrace c/o Contrada Betlemme
  • Air quality control cabin’s roof c/o Contrada Rossellino

The results showed that, regarding to PCDD/PCDF (usually known as Dioxins), the values measured in the campaign are 60% lower than the regulation guiding value issued by Belgium (2010) which is 21PG WHO/M2DIE, as a monthly average deposit.

The depositing fluxes values of PCB Dioxin (DL-PCB) achieved in the nine campaigns are from 1 to 3 orders of magnitude lower than those of the summation (PCDD+PCDF).

For what concerns the Benzo(e)pyrene, the depositing fluxes values detected are always lower than quantification limits.