More than 200 people visited Ferriere Nord Spa during the DIM days

In occasion of the DIM – Danieli Innovaction Meeting, Ferriere Nord welcomed more than 200 people among entrepreneurs, economists and experts in the steel industry. During the 4th and the 5th of October our guests had the occasion to get to know our Group and to visit some of our plants, which are among the most innovative ever realized by Danieli. Visitors were guided through our three plants and had the opportunity to see in close detail our production process and Danieli’s machinery in action.

A virtual box was arranged for the occasion, for our guests to dive into a virtual reality showing a preview of the wire rod mill currently under construction at Acciaierie di Verona. This is the 500th mill manufactured by Danieli Group and is expected to produce 750,000 tons of wire rod per year.

Pittini Group is proud of having been chosen as an example of industry 4.0 among the companies selected for the DIM, an event thanks to which the solid partnership with Danieli has been further strengthened.