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What is the EPD Certification?

The EPD, Environmental Product Declaration, is a key document from the perspective of product sustainability. It is a voluntary environmental declaration that outlines the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) as well as the impact on the surrounding environment in the various phases of a product's life cycle.

It analyses the entire life cycle of a product

The EPD is based on what has been termed the “life cycle assessment” approach. When an EPD is issued for a product, the entire life cycle of that specific product is analysed: from raw material extraction to its processing, from distribution to the end use and ultimately the end of life of that product. The results are presented in summary form using a number of environmental indicators, such as GWP (Global Warming Potential) expressed as CO₂ equivalent per tonne of product.

Recognised throughout Europe

EPD certification is now a standard in Europe as well as in major non-European countries as a result of mutual recognition agreements that have been established between the various national authorities. This means that the information provided in an EPD is reliable and comparable on an international level, making it easier for consumers and companies to make informed decisions based on the sustainability of products.

It guarantees that the minimum environmental requirements are fulfilled

One of the reasons why EPDs are so important is that they can be used to prove that the environmental requirements defined by the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) standards have been achieved. Essentially, the EPD is a powerful tool which helps us understand and measure the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. It also guarantees that these products meet minimum environmental standards and that they are internationally recognised.

At the Pittini Group, we believe that the use of EPDs is one of the ways we can support greater sustainability in the steel industry: this is why the majority of our products are EPD-certified.

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