Pittini Group heats Verona up

Pittini Group and ASGM introduced Verona’s new district heating project, which will allow part of the city to be heated up with larger energy savings and a lower environmental impact. Instead of being wasted, part of the heat used in the meltshop’s facilities will be reused and transformed into energy which will later be at disposal of Verona’s inhabitants.

Since 2015, the plants of Acciaierie di Verona have been providing almost 1/Megawatt per hour to the district heating network of the city. From next June on, thanks to the installation of a new heat exchanger, an additional 2.5 MW/h of heat will be collected, thus reaching a total amount of 3.5 MegaWatt/ per hour. Such energy saving will result into an amount of 6,500 MW/h, that is to say almost 10% of Verona’s energy demand: 700 more households will be heated up, with 760 thousand tons of gas saved and minus 1,300 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

The new agreement with AGSM, which is included in the 2016’s Industrial Plan named “Masterplan”, confirms once again Pittini Group’s commitment in the area of Verona. Bruno Marzoli, Plant Manager at Acciaierie di Verona, spoke some words of satisfaction during the press conference: “To us at Acciaierie di Verona – Pittini Group, this important cooperation with AGSM Group is the fulfilment of a long-cherished dream, because step by step we’re improving the sustainability of our plants not just for our own benefit but especially for the city of Verona which has always hosted us”.