Pittini Group’s Granella has been employed in road construction at the intermodal transport hub of Trieste Airport.

Gruppo Pittini Polo Intermodale di Trieste

Yesterday the new intermodal transport hub at the airport of Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari was opened. The facility allows to link the airport and the railway line, including a 425 m long aerial walkway, new train and bus stations, a pedestrian platform, a multilevel and an external car park.

Pittini Group has been involved in the project by providing its Granella® , which was used to build the foundations of the entire hub’s road system: almost 16,000 m² of a 30-cm-thick, combined cement layer mixed with 0-4 mm Granella.

Granella® is a product originating from the steel manufacturing process and it is used to build bituminous conglomerate pavements, cement-based mixes and concrete blocks.

Granella’s outstanding performances and sustainability features have been confirmed once again at the intermodal transport hub of Trieste Airport.

More technical details of the Project here