Pittini – Mesh 2017

The event “Pittini – Mesh”, held on the 5th and 6th of October, was attended by over 40 companies coming from 12 different countries.
The wide range of meshes produced by Pittini Group is our company’s feather in the cap. Our enterprise is a leader in the mesh sector thanks to a worldwide commercial net and a steady improvement in our plants’ safety and productivity.

The Group produces industrialized reinforcements with high quality standards, which are guaranteed by strict tests carried out in the electro-welding plants and during the entire production chain.
Focusing on the building sector, we produce electro-welded meshes which can be standard or custom-made, galvanized or shaped. All these products meet with the highest precision the project’s executive requirements thanks to the professional assistance of our Group’s technical department.

All the aforementioned reasons together with our large experience in the field led us to dedicate an event to this particular product.
Our guests were told about the Group’s marketing strategies, were illustrated our wide range of products and were shown the company’s 6 plants where meshes are manufactured. Later on, they have been guided on a tour of the plants with a stop at the Group’s laboratory where, thanks to a Virtual Box, our guests had the opportunity to see Acciaierie di Verona’s new wire rod rolling mill, currently under construction.

We wish to thank all our guests, who contributed to the success of the event. Pittini-Mesh 2017 represented an important moment of meeting and a great opportunity to strengthen mutual cooperations.