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PITTINI steel shares its story with a new podcast season

The new episodes of the podcast “Beahead - The thousand faces of our steel,” produced by the Pittini Group showcasing the world of steel, are being released.

The Pittini Group launches a new series of Podcasts dedicated to the world of steel and its infinite applications. The aim is to illustrate the many different applications that the steel produced in the Group’s plants has in the objects that surround us.

The story will unveil projects and constructions which have been built all over the world with the fundamental contribution of the Pittini Group. Starting from large infrastructures such as stadiums, bridges, and airports to the most common objects that make our daily lives more practical and comfortable. We will be providing specific examples specifically designed to assist listeners who have limited technical knowledge but still want to learn more about our range of products.

Each episode, also available in English, will be published weekly and can be listened to on all the main podcasting platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spreaker. The Pittini Group is actually the first Italian steel company to use podcasts, an innovative and increasingly trendy tool in modern-day digital communication.

The one focusing on the renovation of the Friuli Stadium – Dacia Arena in Udine is now online.