“La Metallurgia Italiana” magazine is featuring the “Zero Waste” project

The article “Trasformazione da lineare a circolare del processo EAF. Esperienza in FERRIERE NORD SPA: il caso della scoria siviera e dei carboni” has been published by Associazione Italiana di Metallurgica on the issue n.10 of “La metallurgia italiana” magazine.

In the article, Engineer Loris Bianco, who is in charge of the Environment and Safety Department and Engineer Sergio Porisiensi, part of the Group’s Technical Department, tell about the Zero Waste Project which started in Ferriere Nord during mid 90s.
The project has allowed to review the processing and destination of secondary materials within a circular economy frame, thus reducing the amount of material to be disposed in landfills and, as a result, saving on the extraction of new raw materials.

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