Steel Training. From September 2, training and permanent contract for eight graduates

Four exams, tests and interviews: a tough selection process that led to the choice of eight young people who have received a permanent employment contract from the Pittini Group.  The new recruits will be given the opportunity to receive bespoke training that will begin on September 2 at the Osoppo facilities and which will allow them to cover the role of technicians specialised in the running and maintenance of automated systems, with specific skills in Industry 4.0 and generally in the digitalization of production processes.

Michele Del Pino, Daniele Ferini, Lorenzo Furlani and Matteo Persello from the province of Udine, Roberto Cocchiararo, Nico Rizzo and Francesco Zaccara from the province of Potenza and Enrico Marsotto from Verona are the eight young people who have recently been selected to participate in Steel Training, the training-work project for new graduates that the Pittini Group has created through its Corporate School and in collaboration with Istituto Salesiano Bearzi in Udine, San Marco in Mestre and San Zeno in Verona.

“We are extremely proud to launch this exciting project, which we strongly believe in – commented Micaela di Giusto, Head of Human Resources Management and Development and Director of Officina Pittini per la Formazione – In a rapidly changing world, it is important to innovate the training processes as well. Steel Training goes in this direction and is an exciting challenge for us.  We are certain that this process can provide Daniele, Enrico, Francesco, Lorenzo, Matteo, Michele, Nico and Roberto with all the tools necessary to start their professional career within an organization like the Pittini Group that is constantly developing“.

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