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The descendants of the Galtarossa family visit the Verona steelwork

The past and present come together at the Verona Steelworks on July 24. Federico Pittini, president of the Pittini Group and Paolo Felice, managing director, met the descendants of the Galtarossa family; the heirs of Antonio, who started the foundry business at the beginning of the last century, leading the company to become the largest heavy industry in the history of the province. Antonio’s successor, during the years of the Second World War, was Giacomo Galtarossa, an all-rounder in the economy and society of Verona, president of the Association of Industrialists of Verona – now known as Confindustria Verona – for over twenty years.

The meeting with Mariella Gini, Matteo, Marco and Anna Galtarossa took place with a flood of memories: “There is a common thread – says Federico Pittini – that links the Galtarossa family, founder of this production area that has become a symbol of the city, to the Pittini Group, which runs it today: that is, to give continuity to a history that is not only industrial, but also a fundamental part of Verona and of its economic and social fabric. The Galtarossa family have given so much to this territory.  With the same philosophy, the Pittini Group is now managing the company, with a watchful eye on the productive aspect as well as on the city and its inhabitants”.

In the picture: from left to right, Paolo Felice, Federico Pittini, Mariella Gini, Matteo Galtarossa, Marisa Spada, Anna Galtarossa, Marco Galtarossa.