The second edition of the steel training project is on the launch pad

Almost 550 hours of theoretical classroom lessons and 1,300 of practical training in a twelve-month work-training course. These are the numbers of the first edition of the Steel Training project, which has given eight new graduates the possibility of becoming technicians specialized in running and maintaining automated plants at the Pittini Group facilities in Osoppo, Verona and Potenza, thanks to an open-ended contract. Given the success of the first edition, the Group has decided to offer another training course by opening the selections for a new qualification course, which will start in September: eight candidates from technical institutes currently attending class V in Mechatronic studies will be selected among the applicants.

Steel Training, implemented through the Pittini Group Corporate School and in collaboration with the Institute Salesiani Bearzi of Udine, provides all the tools required to face the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 and, more in general, by the digitalization of production processes.