SIAT: New special Profiles

SIAT S.p.A. has broadened its range of products with some new cold-rolled profiles.
The recent installation of a DEM rolling line, together with the plant’s special structure, allows to produce new special profiles for which very accurate tolerances are required:

The above mentioned profiles have very low tolerances as follows:

  • 0,15 mm width
  • 0.06 mm thickness
  • 0,03 mm spoke

Values are approximate, depending on the dimensions of each profile.

The profiles’ surface features are suitable for the following subsequent processing techniques:

  • chromium plating
  • electrolytic zinc coating
  • hot zinc plating
  • plastic coating
  • enamelling
  • painting

The profiles belong to classes C390, C490 e C590 their breaking load spacing from 400 ai 700 MPa.

Package can be arranged as follows:

Type Weight
 Ø inner diameter
Ø outer diameter
Reels 1000 : 2000 400 : 500 800 : 1250 300 – 500

As for oval cross-section profiles, product range is as follows: