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Pittini Group’s wire rod conquers the wine industry

Pittini Group’s wire rod in partnership with Sàbat’s creativity, art, design, history and tradition to create something unique.

The finest producers of sparkling wine bottle caps

Today we are going to talk about the world of food and wine. During the last few years, choosing what to eat and what to drink has become more and more complicated, especially when it comes to buy a bottle of wine for a special occasion. Today, attention is focused not only on the content but also on the bottle’s details such as design, cork, muselet, color, label etc..

Sàbat comes into play here, a Spanish company producing muselets for sparkling wines. During the last few years, the company has become a leader thanks to the high quality and versatility of its products.


The company was born in 1905 out of an idea of Manuel Sàbat and his sons. After over a century spent producing machinery for the wine (cava) sector, from the 90s on Sàbat-Lligats Metàl•lics has specialized in the manufacturing of muselets.

Pittini wire rod gives birth to muselets

A muselet is one of the fundamental elements needed to seal a bottle of wine, be it sparkling or not: in fact, it can be used in bottles of any kind.
Therefore, muselets have become an essential part in a bottle’s packaging. The Sàbat company has been able to understand their importance: from the point in which the muselet hangs to the bottle’s neck following its shape, to the choice of colors, to customizable prints, the company follows a detail-oriented approach.

As a result, during the last 15 years Sàbat has designed more than 20,000 bottle caps. Its wide offer of exclusive customizable prints has allowed the company to reach new markets all over the world.

The Pittini Group contributed to the creation of Sàbat’s products with its Wire Rod: a high quality product destined to create high performance welding products.