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Pittini’s lattice girders for the tuscan resort of Castelfalfi

Castelfalfi resort: an important restoration project for the rebirth of the medieval village.

Castelfalfi resort among nature, comfort and luxury

Nestled in the heart of the Florentine hills in a typical Tuscan landscape between vineyards and olive groves stands Castelfalfi, a hamlet in the municipality of Montaione, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages.
Despite its thousand-year history and its undeniable natural beauty, the Castelfalfi resort had been left in an abandoned state for many years. In 2007 the multinational group TUI AG, a German industrial tourism group, started a project to revive this charming Tuscan village.

Thanks to a series of restoration and redevelopment projects, the entire village was quickly transformed into a modern resort: 1,000 hectares divided into nature, castles rich in history and beautiful apartments, as well as wellness and sports facilities.

The applications of Pittini lattice girders

The Pittini Group supplied the electro-welded lattice girders for the construction of the floor of the wellness centre, through their customer Co.l.c, a company specialized in prefabricated buildings. This product was chosen not only because of its high quality, but also the ease and safety of its installation on site.