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The HR department builds the future of the company and its people

Rossella Mariussi, HR department, explains the challenges and goals of human resources: building the company's future through the training of people and the recruitment of new talent.

The activities of the HR department have undergone significant changes in recent years and have evolved to keep pace with the company’s new objectives. We spoke about this with Rossella Mariussi, the Personnel Selection Representative of the Pittini Group.

What are the objectives of the human resources management and development division?

Our vision, or rather our ideal and ultimate goal, is “to build the future of the company with people, leaders, and associates, who are innovative and reliable”. An ambitious project in which training is a lever for the development of each individual’s skills and where the commitment to the creation of a positive in-house culture, which guarantees the achievement of objectives, is fundamental.

What are the challenges you are facing and the goals for the future?

This is a good question because the challenges we are facing and will have to face are translated tangibly into the objectives we have to achieve.

Certainly, attracting and retaining employees is an objective we pursue through employer branding activities or for instance apprenticeships, work experience programmes, and the Steel Training and Steel Engineer special projects.

Fostering a culture of continuous learning is a determining factor for the development and a key driver in terms of company competitiveness and growth.

Identifying and supporting the leaders “of tomorrow ” by enhancing people’s strong points and potential, identifying real improvement needs and training requirements. To this end, INSIDE, Management 4 Steel is in its second edition, and we are now promoting job postings and job rotations.

Nowadays it is not only important but I would say strategic to truly emphasise the individual at the centre, ensuring a positive and valuable experience for employees, taking into account their specific individual needs and expectations both as a person and as a professional.

How has the HR role evolved in the company and what is your experience?

In recent years, the Human Resources Management and Development department has experienced growth and significant change reflecting the evolution of the HR function within organisations.

Human Resources has become a real business function but also a facilitator of change that can, and must, be truly there to support people.

A person working in HR is required to have an increasingly hybrid profile in the sense that he or she must possess skills that are increasingly merging between information technology, marketing, and communication.