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Job posting: an internal path to professional growth

Professional development at the Pittini Group is achieved through structured vertical and horizontal development paths: one of these is job posting.

Thanks to Job Posting, Francesco Visintin has moved from the purchasing department to the raw materials procurement department. In this interview, he tells us about his new experience.

How does the job posting work?

I received a company newsletter announcing a job opening primarily for in-house employees. From there, I decided to follow my curiosity and personal desire to improve my professional skills, strengthen my ties with the company, and challenge myself as much as possible.
I applied for the job and interviews followed, first with the HR team and then with the head of the department, to assess our mutual interest.
It was handled like any other selection process, with the advantage that you already know the skills, performance, and potential of your internal staff – very useful details for guiding and completing the selection process.

“I have found it exciting to reinvent myself in a company where I feel comfortable, and to take on a new personal challenge”.

How did you adjust to your new role?

In the first transitional phase, perhaps the most complex one, I divided my working week between both duties, completing the tasks related to my previous role and at the same time starting a training course on the activities of the new office. At the moment, I am continuing to learn more about the new function with the aim of improving specific skills over time.

What advice would you give regarding this opportunity?

The challenge of personal growth and change can be demanding but also rewarding. I would advise anyone to approach this job with a perspective of continuous skill development. Personally, I have found it exciting and gratifying to be able to reinvent myself in a company where I feel comfortable, by pursuing a new personal challenge.