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Steel Engineer: professionals in the steel sector

Attracting young talents and developing highly specialised profiles. This is the aim of the Pittini Group's job-training project. Alessandra Tessitori describes the experience gained in the first edition.

What made you decide to participate in the Steel Engineer program?

For someone like me, who lives in the region, it is almost impossible not to know about a company as important as the Pittini Group. Through the University I had the opportunity to visit the Osoppo Steelworks and, fascinated by the production process, I pursued my goal of joining the company.
I took part in Steel Engineer because I thought it was a great opportunity for my personal and professional growth: similar to a master’s degree within the company, it gives the opportunity to acquire both technical and practical knowledge of steel production processes.

How have you been able to apply what you studied at university?

My degree in Management Engineering has given me an important starting point for understanding many aspects of the course: from the organisational part to the production process and plant engineering.
At “Steel Engineer“, I was able to participate in various projects in the fields of logistics, lean production, and data analysis, to name but a few.
I don’t think people often realise how important the learning phase is for understanding and critically analysing what is happening in the field.

progetto formazione lavoro steel engineer

What was the added value of this experience?

The opportunity to get to know the Pittini Group full circle, through collaborations and continuous dialogue with professionals in the steel industry at all levels.
Thanks to Steel Engineer, I have been able to meet experienced people who, by guiding and supporting me, have transmitted, sometimes unconsciously, an important wealth of knowledge, the kind you acquire on the job: demonstrating how crucial each individual’s daily contribution really is.