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The quality of PITTARC wires for Nord Stream 2

Pittarc SAW welding wire was chosen for the construction of Europe's longest off-shore gas pipeline.

Nord Stream 2, the world’s longest gas pipeline

In fact, in recent decades natural gas, extracted from underground aquifers, has become a widely used commodity the world over.
It is used both in the domestic and industrial sectors, for example in heating and refrigeration systems, and as a fuel in the transport sector.

This energy source has several advantages compared to other fossil fuels: its costs are significantly lower, it is more compatible with the environment and, above all, it is easily transportable. The gas is transported through gas pipelines from the production site to the place of consumption. These pipelines are present throughout the world and amount to about one million kilometres; that is, more than 25 times the Earth’s circumference.

After contributing to the construction of the first Nord Stream project, Pittini Group products were again chosen for Nord Stream 2.

gasdotto nord stream 2

Nord Stream 2 will transport natural gas over a distance of 1,230 km from the Baltic coast of Russia to Greifswald in Germany.  The pipeline is made up of about 200 thousand steel pipes coated with reinforced concrete, each measuring 12 metres in length and weighing 24 tons.  In all, 2,424 thousand tons of steel is required, which is about 332 times that use for the Eiffel Tower in Paris (source: www.ilpost.it)

Pittarc wire selected to build the pipeline

Over one thousand tons of PITTARC submerged arc welding wire (SAW) were supplied for the construction of this impressive off-shore pipeline.
The high quality of the titanium-boron and nickel-molybdenum micro-alloy wires with particularly accurate chemical analyses and low content of impurities and gases, guarantees joints with excellent mechanical characteristics and high resistance. These are the strengths that have enabled Pittarc to participate in the implementation of this important worldwide project.