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Pittini Group at Career Fair in Bari’s Polytechnic University

Today is the second date of Career Fair organized by the job placement of Bari’s Polytechnic University. The event is dedicated to students interested in knowing, planning and starting their …

15 Juni 2017weiterlesen >

Pittini Group at Schnell’s Open House

Pittini Group, in partnership with Schnell Spa, will attend the Great Open House on the 14th and 15th of June. Schnell Spa, a world leading company in the production of …

14 Juni 2017weiterlesen >

The Preschool „Cav. Andrea Pittini“ in Gemona has been opened

A very heart-felt opening ceremony was held last Thursday evening at Via Piovega’s preschool in Gemona named after Cavaliere Andrea Pittini decorated for his service to industry, who passed away …

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